2 + 4 + 6 = the perfect number?

As Paul and I are heading towards our 19th wedding anniversary, our eldest daughter’s 18th birthday and 14 years in the coffee house business, numbers are weighing heavy in my mind! I can’t believe I’m turning 40 this year (the worst number of all?) and yet feel as though I’ve so much more to do and get right than I am doing so far!
When Paul and I married we planned to have six kiddies (aww, cute) – that was still the plan until we got to four and decided, that actually four was a very BIG number! We are blessed to have so many gorgeous girls to show the world to and as you may know, one of our (okay, MY) very favourite hobby is travelling! Next month we are visiting Brazil – the home of one of the very special coffee beans that we use in our unique SYMPOSIUM blend. We are SO excited!! Brace yourself for lots of coffee pics and sunny morning espressos!
Over the years, we have had coffee houses that have worked (brilliantly) and others that for different reasons, haven’t. We are currently the very happy owners of 6 coffee houses that we are very proud of – that is not to say we’ve got everything perfect – we are still a work and progress and no doubt, always will be! But nevertheless, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and custom – running a business is not always plain sailing and we truly appreciate every time you join us for a coffee or lunch – don’t be shy and get in touch with any feedback you’d like to share!
Much love x

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