How Caffeine Impacts the Body

For many of us, stumbling through a typical day without the help of our morning coffee seems nearly impossible. Getting our daily dose of caffeine has become such a vital part of our routine and without it, many of us would operate in a zombie-like state, unreconcilable with our usual energized, coffee-fueled selves.

But what exactly is it about that magical cup of joe that gives us the energy to power through the day?



What exactly is caffeine?


There are countless scientific studies on the effects of caffeine on the body. We’ll give you a very general overview and try and give you a better idea of what actually happens in your body after you take that first sip of coffee.

You can find caffeine in some medications, and in sports drinks, but here, we’re going to focus on the coffee!

Caffeine a natural stimulant found in coffee beans, with the amount of caffeine in each bean varying between each type. If you want to find out about the different kinds of coffee beans that make up our SIGNATURE blend, click here to read our blog post all about it.

Essentially, when we consume caffeine through coffee, the main effect is on our central nervous system. The result is a boost in alertness and energy, although the level of impact differs between individuals.

We’ll go into a little bit more detail in the next section.



How does caffeine affect the body?


The extent to which you feel the impacts of caffeine depends on many factors, such as your personal sensitivity to it. It is also believed that the effects of caffeine become less noticeable over time if the body builds up a sort of “tolerance” to the chemical. Some people feel a pretty immediate burst of energy after just a few sips of coffee, and some of us (mentioning no names…) need a few cups before we feel the impact.

Caffeine’s influence on your body peaks around an hour after consumption. Here’s a brief explanation of some of the possible impacts of caffeine on your body, which you might experience after a cup of coffee:

  • Slight increase in heart rate.
  • Boost in alertness
  • Temporary relief from tiredness and fatigue.

Of course, these impacts are temporary, which is why many of us start reaching for a second (or tenth) cup as the effects wear off and the tiredness starts to creep back in. And obviously there are many more side effects, both beneficial & detrimental, in addition to those listed above. If you’re interested, you can check out this article from Healthline.


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Caffeine & The Body


We hope this has given you a little bit more background as to what exactly happens after you take those first few sips of coffee.

The practice of drinking coffee has become such a huge part of modern society, and has extended far beyond its energising benefits to include a social element that helps keep us connected. Some of life’s most simple yet fulfilling pleasures are centred around coffee, such as catching up with an old friend at the coffee shop, or meeting a family member for a walk around town with your favourite brew to keep your hands warm. Many of us choose to hold work meetings over coffee & cake, or try to find inspiration from a cosy corner of our favourite coffee house.

At SYMPOSIUM, we pride ourselves on delivering Great Coffee, Great Food, Great Service to all our customers. Whether you’re picking up coffee from your local coffee house to enjoy on the road, or you’ve stocked up on SYMPOSIUM coffee to make at home, we want to say a huge thank you for all your support over the last year.

Until next time!

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