How to make the perfect cold brew coffee

We love trying out new products, and experimenting until we create the perfect final product. The newest addition to our offering is Cold Brew Coffee, so we thought we’d provide a little insight into the method we use to make it. We are so excited to be offering this for click & collect from our Queen Street shop. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!


What kind of coffee is best for cold brew?


We use a single origin Supremo bean from Colombia. If you want to find out more about these beans, you can check out our blog post about the coffee beans we use. These Colombian Supremo beans have a deliciously sweet, caramel-like flavour that is perfectly suited for cold brew.

When we roast the beans to make cold brew coffee, we go for a medium roast rather than dark. This helps to bring out the original flavours of the beans in the final product.


A Day in the Life - Paul Haggath | SYMPOSIUM coffee

How to make cold brew coffee


First, we roast up some SYMPOSIUM single origin Colombian Supremo coffee beans.

In our roastery, we use large containers to make batches of our cold brew coffee, but you can also buy smaller versions of these to make your own at home (that looks something like this).

Then, water is poured over the coffee and left for around 5 minutes. After this initial step, we use a wooden spoon to mix the coffee and make sure that it’s submerged under the water. This ensures that we can get as much of that amazing flavour out of the coffee as possible!

We then leave the container in the fridge for 24 hours for maximum flavour. Once the time is up, we lift the coffee out from the container and, making sure that all of the amazing flavour has been transferred from the beans to the water, decant the brew into another container, discarding the used grinds. This is a really important step – otherwise, it would be like leaving your teabag in for too long!

The used coffee grinds are finished with, so can be used as compost in the garden!


Serving up your cold brew coffee


SYMPOSIUM cold brew coffee is best served over ice. Add a bit of milk or your favourite syrup if you fancy, and enjoy! This is the perfect drink for a warm summer day, so make sure to order yours online today!

We’re so excited to be offering our SYMPOSIUM cold brew online and from our Queen Street store. Now that you know how it’s made, we hope you’ll want to give it a try! We currently have a promotion of our cold brew coffee on our online store, so give it a try & let us know what you think!


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