How to Store Your Coffee at Home

If you want to get the most of your coffee at home, it’s important to know how to properly store it. Proper coffee storage ensures that your coffee stays fresh for longer. Whether you’re looking for whole bean or ground coffee, here are some tips you can use at home!


sealed bag of coffee beans from SYMPOSIUM coffee house

Where to store your coffee

It’s important to take steps to keep your coffee fresh, whilst still having it easily accessible (so you can grab it in a hurry!).

First, here are a couple of DON’TS:

  • You shouldn’t store your coffee in the fridge or freezer. The humidity in these cold environments causes moisture to infiltrate your coffee packaging. 
  •  Steer clear of warmer areas such as in direct sunlight or near cooking equipment like your oven or microwave. 

Instead, store your coffee in a cool, dark place, such as a cupboard. It’s also possible to keep your coffee on the counter as long as it’s away from any heat source and in an opaque container.


Coffee Containers


As soon as you open your new bag of coffee, it starts to lose its freshness. For that reason, it’s important to store your coffee in a suitable container so as to preserve of much of the freshness as possible. Some people choose to keep their coffee in the bag, but if you prefer buying larger bags of coffee less frequently, you may want to transfer it to a container.

If you choose to, you could store the bulk of your coffee in a larger container, keeping a small portion separate for daily use. This reduces the exposure to air for the bulk of your coffee, keeping that freshness in. Preferably, the container should be opaque and made with glass, ceramic or non-reactive metal. An airtight seal is also good.


Proper Coffee Storage at Home


As we spoke about in our blog about our roasting process, we try to get our coffee roasted, packaged and posted within a few short days. This means you’ve got the maximum amount of time to enjoy your fresh coffee at home. Remember you can pick up a bag of SYMPOSIUM coffee online to enjoy at home!

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