Me and Faith

Our local Church building with people gathering outside
Our local Apex Church building with people gathering outside

For as long as I can remember, faith has been a central part of my life. For every good, bad and ugly time in my life, I could probably come up with a bible scripture to fit (that’s not because I’m a good Christian and study my bible all the time like I should, but more to do with me having a brain that remembers odd lines of stuff I’ve heard or read once or twice).

I think running a family business has given me way more than enough opportunities than I could possibly need, to get my petty-mindedness under control but, no. Here I am still getting ticked off at little hurts and offences when I should really know better.

On a good day, I remember how much of my stupidity God has to put up with and I’m SO grateful for second, third and four hundredth chances. On a bad day, I’m wondering why God hasn’t got rid of all the annoying people that should know better already (not me obviously – only the others).

Deep breaths, another coffee and yep, another profoundly religious prayer along the lines of “help me God I’m rubbish, but you are SUPER good and thankfully that’s all that matters” and I’m on my way again. Grateful indeed for a God with broad shoulders and thick skin x

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