Robusta and Arabica – What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ordered some of our coffee beans online already, you may have noticed that our bags of SIGNATURE and DECAF both proudly display the origins and specially selected tasting notes of our delicious coffee. We thought we’d take some time to give you some background into the different types of coffee beans that go in to making the final product our customers love so much! There are two main varieties of coffee.  Robusta and Arabica – what’s the difference?

Robusta and Arabica

Knowing the difference between the two, and how to perfectly blend them to create the ideal final result, is a must for any producer of coffee beans. Robusta vs. Arabica Also known as the Arabian coffee, Arabica beans are what gives our coffee its delicious caramel flavour. Arabica makes up the majority of global coffee production, whereas Robusta only accounts for around a quarter. A perfect mix of the two can be great for a blend!

Arabica grows at higher altitudes and has specific cultivation requirements, since it’s a more delicate plant. This generally means it is more expensive than Robusta, which is why most supermarket brand coffees you find will be exclusively robusta. This doesn’t mean that robusta coffee is lower quality however, it generally comes down to the origin of the beans. Robusta beans are generally higher in caffeine than Arabica – sounds great, right? But caffeine comes with a bitter taste, and no one wants to be drinking something bitter in the morning!

This is why if you blend Robusta beans with Arabica, it can help to minimise the bitterness whilst still giving you the caffeine kick you look for in your daily cup! We hope that this little insight will help you to appreciate the delicious blend of tasting notes in your next cup of SYMPOSIUM.

We have spent a lot of time over the years perfecting our coffee beans, so you can be sure that when you see our logo stamped on each bag, it’s a sign of quality, and confidence in our amazing blend. If you haven’t already, why not visit our website and order some of our delicious coffee beans online to try for yourself?

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