The History of Cullen Skink Soup

Cullen Skink has been a staple at our coffee house at The Lido, Peterhead for a few years now. Since we introduced our SUPPER BY THE SEASIDE menu earlier this year, Cullen Skink has been one of the most popular offerings on our menu.

We’ve now launched our festive menu and introduced plenty of Christmassy favourites for you to enjoy over the next month! We’ve still got the classics on offer, including our amazing Cullen Skink soup. We thought we’d take some time to tell you a little bit more about the history behind this dish.



Cullen Skink is a speciality of our north east corner, originating in Cullen, just up the coast in Moray. It has become one of Scotland’s most popular dishes, and is the perfect soup to warm you up in winter.

Traditionally, the word Skink is used to describe a broth made with beef scrapings. In the 1980s, these scraps of beef became hard to come by. However, at this time, Cullen’s harbour was a thriving fishing port. So the people of the town decided to use smoked haddock in their soup. From this, the Cullen Skink we all love today was created.



Our Cullen Skink soup is made using smoked haddock and potatoes, creating a warm, filling soup perfect for the winter season! Next time you visit us at The Lido, make sure to try some of our Cullen Skink soup and let us know what you think! Our SUPPER BY THE SEASIDE menu is available Wednesday 4-7, Thursday 4-7, Friday 12-7 and Saturday 4-7.

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