The launch of our RE-Cup

For a good while now we’ve been trying to find ways to reduce the amount of waste SYMPOSIUM coffee house sends to Landfill. If you’ve seen the news lately, you may have heard about the potential introduction of the ‘latte levy’, which would see a tax of 25p imposed on customers using a take away cup. We have looked at several options, and unfortunately widely available recyclable cups are actually only accepted at a few recycling centres in Britain! Meaning that this ends up in landfill more often than not. Enter the RE-Cup, working with our very own paper cup producer, we are moving ALL of our take-away cups to the RE-Cup which is suitable for the MIXED RECYCLING container! Very pleased all round:) In March, we are proud to be moving to biodegradable straws and packing wherever possible in each of our coffee houses throughout the North East of Scotland! In addition, to recycling cans, plastics, cardboard and even our coffee grind, we are on the look out for more ways to reduce our contribution to the UK’s landfill problem! Any suggestions, please drop us an email x

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