NEW – Single Origin Colombian Supremo Coffee

If you’ve visited our online store lately, you might have noticed the new type of coffee available at the moment.

For a limited time, we’re offering a delicious single-origin Colombian Supremo. Here’s a little bit more about this amazing coffee.


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Some background on Colombian coffee


Colombia is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. Generally, Colombian coffee is seen as some of the best in the world due to its quality and exquisite taste. The country primarily produces Arabica coffee – click here to read more about Arabica beans.

The country’s excellent climate, good rainfall levels and rich soil quality make it the perfect place for producing amazing coffee. The beans are grown at high altitudes on small farms, ensuring plenty of care is taken throughout the growing and farming processes. The production quality of these beans has resulted in their popularity amongst coffee drinkers around the world. The sweet, medium-bodied flavour characteristics of Colombian coffee make this high-quality coffee easy to recognise.


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What is Colombian Supremo?


Colombian Supremo beans are the highest grade of Colombian coffee on the market. They are larger in size than other beans produced in Colombia (such as the Exelso).

The Supremo bean produces a medium-strength coffee, making it the perfect choice for this single-origin roast. The tasting notes are sweet, fruity and nutty, making it the perfect well-balanced coffee for you to enjoy at home.

We also use the Supremo bean to create our SIGNATURE coffee blend. You can read about the other types of coffee beans we use here!


Our Coffee Blend | Find out more about our delicious SYMPOSIUM coffee blend


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